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AmsTEAdam: Gerrit’s Duiffies

AmsTEAdam: Gerrit’s Duiffies

14,95 incl. BTW

The taste of Chai and the City

The Dam Square isn't just popular with tourists, but even more so with pigeons.  It's home to the Royal Palace, the National Monument and the New Church, and these days also the place to be when you are a pigeon. Their presence has inspired many Dutch artists, from painters to singer-songwriters.

And many young lovers met while feeding the birds. Because pigeons can't appreciate a good cup of tea, we have based ours on Gerrit. Gerrit who? You know, Gerrit!

The man who always feeds the pigeons!

This tea is like a visit to your grandfather: cozy, warm & always welcome!

Temperature: 100 degrees Celsius

Steep for 5-10 min

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