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AmsTEAdam: Mokum’s Meesters

AmsTEAdam: Mokum’s Meesters

14,95 incl. BTW

The taste of orange, cinnamon & vanilla

Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen and Frans Hals are the old Dutch Masters who changed the art of painting forever with their brush strokes. They inspired many generations of Dutch painters like Vincent van Gogh or Piet Mondriaan and still inspire millions around the world. Their legacy can be seen and felt at the Rijksmuseum or at the Van Gogh museum… a must-see when you are visiting Amsterdam.

These days most ‘Dutch masters’ in Amsterdam have exchanged their paint brush for a whip. However, contemporary Dutch artists are still renowned all over the world and the Amsterdam art scene is flourishing.

This tea is like a true master: powerful & strong, yet subtle & delicate.

Temperature: 80-90 degrees Celsius

Steep for 1-3 min

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