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RotTEAdam: Alie Tea-Ankali

RotTEAdam: Alie Tea-Ankali

14,95 incl. BTW

The taste of Cherry & Pineapple

Rotterdam legend, Alie Cyankali, was known as the most dangerous woman of the city. A humorous song about her made her notorious. The sultry temptress seduced her victims and brought them to a state of great ecstasy. Once they were head-over-heels, she poured a poisonous substance (cyanide or ‘cyaankali' in Dutch) in their tea…

Although this seductive tea resembles the sweet ecstatic smell of Alie, you don’t need to worry! It can be drunk safely! Enjoy!

Temperature: 80-90 degrees Celsius

Steep for 1-3 min

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