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RotTEAdam: Kameraden

RotTEAdam: Kameraden

14,95 incl. BTW

The taste of  lemon & ginger

Did you know that Rotterdam is the only city in tea Netherlands who has 3 professional football clubs? Feyenoord, Sparta and Excelsior.

‘Hand in hand, kameraden’ or 'hand in hand, comrades' is what Rotterdammers sing in ‘de Kuip’, home of their beloved soccer club Feyenoord, the biggest and most successful of the 3.

In 1970, during a duel between Rotterdam rivals Feyenoord and Sparta, goalkeeper Eddy Treijtel shot a seagull out of the air, thanks to his vigorous shot. Both clubs still claim they own the unlucky animal…but who is telling the truth?

You can discuss your match tactics over this nice cup of tea, which will remind you of a freshly mowed mat.

Temperature: 100 degrees Celsius

Steep for 5-10 min

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