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Speciaal voor Sinterklaas maakten wij de SinTEAklaas, thee met de smaak van pepernoten!
Op de achterkant vindt u deze tekst, zodat het ook de perfecte give-away is aan uw buitenlandse vrienden! Hop Hop Hop! Drink maar lekker op!

The taste of Pepernotea

Every year at the end of November and early December, little children go crazy because of the visit of 'Sinterklaas'.
This friend of Santa Claus, who lives in Spain and arrives by steamer, doesn’t only bring presents, but also a lot of other treats to those who have been good all year!

Most famous besides the chocolate letters, are his 'pepernoten', pepper nuts, small, round biscuits with spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg, which Sinterklaas' helpers are throwing around everywhere he visits. Did you check your shoes before putting them on? That is where, according to tradition, you can find them every morning.

Now you can have the taste and smell of this delicious treat without the carbs or calories! You can thank us later!

Temperature: 80-90 degrees Celsius

Steep for 1-3 min

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