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TEA Hague: Hopjes & Haring

TEA Hague: Hopjes & Haring

14,95 incl. BTW

The taste of caramel and coffee

This tea celebrates two Dutch delicacies that are linked to the Hague: hopjes and herring!

Every year the new Dutch herring is introduced in the Hague's coastal town of Scheveningen at "Vlaggetjesdag", the day of the flags!

'Hopjes' are Dutch sweets with coffee and caramel flavours, that originated in the 18th century. The 'hopje' is named after the Hague's citizen Baron Hendrik Hop, who was addicted to coffee. The story goes that one night he left his coffee with sugar and cream on the heater, where it evaporated. Tasting the resulting substance, he loved it. Since his doctor advised him not to drink coffee anymore, he asked the confectioner Theodorus van Haaren to make him some 'lumps of coffee', the hopjes.

This tea, with its caramel and coffee flavors, would have been a healthy treat for the Baron! And although we have seriously considered adding a touch of herring, in the end we decided not to.

Temperature: 100 degrees Celsius

Steep for 3-5 min

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