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TEA Hague: Pootjebaden?

TEA Hague: Pootjebaden?

14,95 incl. BTW

The taste of lemon & rosemary

The people of the Hague (a 'Hagenees' when you were born there, 'Hagenaar' for the rest who live there) love the beach.  Did you know that the Hague is the only large city in the Netherlands that borders the North Sea?

Scheveningen, once a small fishermen’s village, is only a few minutes away from the Hague and is loved by all for spending a fun, relaxing or active day at the beach or for eating some freshly caught fish.

Back in the days, Pootje baden, or paddling, was subjected to strict rules when it came to clothing. The ladies had to be decent and were in no way allowed to show too much skin. To make sure the eye wasn’t treated on too many delicacies, the swimming gear was checked by the local authorities.

Enjoy a refreshing cup of tea and dream away to those long-forgotten times at the beach…

Temperature: 80-90 degrees Celsius

Steep for 1,5-2 min

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