We do tea, differently!

The men of the tea | The story of TEA Netherlands


During the many trips casper and Joost have made, they always encountered the same problem: what do we take with us for our new friends?

With the increasingly strict rules for baggage, but also taking into account beliefs and personal preferences, the choice was very limited at some point.

And tulip bulbs are fun, but not everyone is waiting for it.


In the car, on the way home after one of their many adventures, they drove on a beautiful summer evening across the Brienenoordburg.

There, next to the left lane of the A16, sparkled in an even more beautiful sunset, the most beautiful skyline in the Netherlands of their hometown Rotterdam…

And there it was: RotTEAdam.

Two bottles of white wine later the family was born: RotTEAdam, AmsTEAdam, TEA Hague… in short: TEA Netherlands.

Family History

But what makes Rotterdam so substantially different from Amsterdam? And what makes The Hague so special that everyone knows the ‘city behind the dunes’?

In short, what are the tastemakers of the city?

On the basis of its special inhabitants, characteristic buildings or phenomena we tell the story of the city in image and taste. Every tea is unique, organic and above all: delicious!

For TEA Netherlands we use as much authentic visual material as possible. With real people.

Curious about the family and friends of Casper and Joost? You will meet them automatically on the packaging of TEA Netherlands!

Good for you and the earth!

TEA Netherlands is produced locally.

We work together with residents from the region with a distance from the labour market. So we can also give something back to the city and the country we love so much.

And… All our teas are organic. That’s a little better!